Workshop 1: Ready for Talent?

Full-Day Workshop 1

Thinking of attracting immigrant employees to your organization? Let’s get started!

This first workshop of the Alberta Global Talent for Employers series, shows how to prepare for hiring immigrant employees. It considers the relationship between inclusivity and attraction of qualified candidates, and explains how to prepare job postings and resume protocols to receive better applications of qualified candidates. Best practices for preparing the existing workforce, and cost-effective tips for small business are included. The hands-on content of this workshop content comes from actual experiences of Central Alberta employers as they relate both the joys and challenges of newcomer hires through video interview and best practice tips learned first hand.

You will learn:

  • Why employers can and should hire qualified immigrant employees
  • How to remove barriers to hiring qualified immigrant employees
  • The relationship between inclusivity and attraction
  • Where to access helpful resources
  • How to write immigrant-friendly job postings
  • Ways to prepare the existing workforce to receive and work productively with immigrant employees

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