Workshop 3: How to Integrate Talent

Full day workshop

Getting the new and the old people to gel

This third workshop from the Alberta Global Talent for Employers series, addresses the importance of orientation and onboarding for both immigrant new hires and all new employees. It shows how weaving orientation threads into the hiring process and setting the tone for retention begins with the very first conversation with a potential candidate and the first workplace experience of a freshly hired employee. The wisdom and experience of Central Alberta employers who are known for onboarding best practices will be shared through video interviews. Interactive exercises help participants practice the skills for preparation of the workspace and introductions to the existing workforce to monitoring and support of new hires.

You will learn:

  • How to strategize for orientation and cover all the necessary orientation bases
  • What to include in initial training and the importance of opportunities for employee professional development
  • How to mentor for success
  • Key elements of a retention-rich workplace climate
  • Monitoring and support of new hires

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