Workshop 2: How to Find Talent?

Full-Day Workshop

Is hiring immigrant employees any different from what we’re already doing?

In this second workshop of the Alberta Global Talent for Employers series, participants will explore interviewing and hiring qualified immigrants through the eyes of successful Central Alberta employers. We will consider recruitment strategies for small centres, effective strategies for receiving better resumes, and interview best practices for helping immigrant candidates show their capacities. We will also consider the role of essential workplace skills and core competencies in targeting best fit between applicants and employer needs. All materials in this workshop were designed from recent interviews with Central Alberta employers who have found a balance between diversity benefits and company fit.

You will learn:

  • Central Alberta employer recruitment strategies
  • Resume screening practices to receive better resumes
  • How to mitigate for bias
  • Considerations for interviewing immigrant candidates
  • What “Canadian experience” really means

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