With over 24 hours of curriculum and 4 distinct subjects, our workshops can provide a comprehensive cultural training program for your organization.

Each of the 4 workshops can be presented in in a variety of time formats to fit your schedule.
Please contact us for the next upcoming workshop.

The workshop components are as follows:

Workshop 1: Pre-Employment Readiness

Thinking of attracting immigrant employees to your organization?

This first workshop of the Alberta Global Talent for Employers series, shows how to prepare for hiring immigrant employees. It considers the relationship between inclusivity and attraction of qualified candidates, and explains how to prepare job postings and resume protocols to receive better applications of qualified candidates. Best practices for preparing the existing workforce, and cost-effective tips for small business are included. The hands-on content of this workshop content comes from actual experiences of Central Alberta employers as they relate both the joys and challenges of newcomer hires through video interview and best practice tips learned first hand. You will learn:

  • Why employers can and should hire qualified immigrant employees
  • How to remove barriers to hiring qualified immigrant employees
  • The relationship between inclusivity and attraction
  • Where to access helpful resources
  • How to write immigrant-friendly job postings
  • Ways to prepare the existing workforce to receive and work productively with immigrant employees

Workshop 2: Interviewing and Hiring

Is hiring immigrant employees any different from what we’re already doing?

In this second workshop of the Alberta Global Talent for Employers series, participants will explore interviewing and hiring qualified immigrants through the eyes of successful Central Alberta employers.  We will consider recruitment strategies for small centres, effective strategies for receiving better resumes, and interview best practices for helping immigrant candidates show their capacities. We will also consider the role of essential workplace skills and core competencies in targeting best fit between applicants and employer needs. All materials in this workshop were designed from recent interviews with Central Alberta employers who have found a balance between diversity benefits and company fit. You will learn:

  • Central Alberta employer recruitment strategies
  • Resume screening practices to receive better resumes
  • How to mitigate for bias
  • Considerations for interviewing immigrant candidates
  • What “Canadian experience” really means

Workshop 3: Onboarding and Integration

Getting the new people and the old people to gel

This third workshop from the Alberta Global Talent for Employers series, addresses the importance of orientation and onboarding for both immigrant new hires and all new hires. It considers the importance of including orientation threads into the hiring process and setting the tone for retention at the very first conversation with a new employee. Central Alberta employers who have mastered the art and science of  bringing a diverse workforce onboard will share their experience and wisdom through video interviews. Interactive exercises help participants practice the skills for preparation of the workspace and introductions to the existing workforce to monitoring and support of new hires. You will learn:

  • How to strategize for orientation and cover all the necessary orientation bases
  • What to include in initial training and the importance of opportunities for employee professional development
  • How to set up a buddy system and build a mentoring program
  • Key elements of a retention-rich workplace climate
  • Monitoring and support of new hires

Workshop 4: Retention

Know when to hold ‘em, know when to ‘fold em

During this fourth topic of the Alberta Global Talent workshop for Employers series, participants will cover the motivation themes of people who stay in their jobs. To explore what factors contribute to retention of a diverse workforce we will look at the role of cultural responsiveness of managers who work directly with new hires. One helpful topic focuses on the best practices of Central Alberta employers who deal promptly and effectively with issues that threaten the safety of their employees. We will candidly discuss the kinds of issues employers may encounter in their efforts to build a truly inclusive and productive workplace environment. The important role of performance coaching understood from the perspective of someone who is new to Canada, will also be covered. You will learn:

  • Motivation factors for retention and how to increase them
  • Strategies to build culturally responsive managers
  • How to deal effectively and promptly with problems so employees feel safe
  • Performance coaching for the diverse workforce
  • Best practices for addressing discrimination, harassment or racism no matter who it comes from