Intercultural Training

These workshops serve as a learning tool to help your employees to become more culturally sensitive. They will develop a greater awareness and appreciation of the value of diversity in their workforce and community.

Participants in this workshop will leave with a better understanding of cross cultural communication and inclusiveness. Intercultural workshops are provided to groups of employees from entry level to management. They are individually designed to meet the needs, interest and available time of the participants.

A popular solution for employers is our Intercultural Training Certificate program. This is a comprehensive series of 3 workshops, each 3 hours in length that provides participants with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in all aspects of working in a culturally diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Intercultural Workshop Certificate Program

A summary of the three Levels are as follows:

Intercultural Workshop Level 1

The first level of an in depth study of cultural awareness. We study definitions, values, cultural identity, degrees of cultural awareness, communication, the iceberg model of culture in the community and workplace, stresses and barriers to immigrant settlement. This is also a very interactive workshop and is a great introduction or to the concept/definition of cultural diversity. 3 hours

Intercultural Workshop Level 2

In this second workshop we review the first session, study the dimensions of culture, mapping cultures, intercultural tools, managing conflicts in collective and individualistic cultures, case studies and of course more participant activities! 3 hours

Intercultural Workshop Level 3

The 3rd and final workshop reviews the first 2 sessions and facilitates discussion on worksite specific scenarios in small task groups. Challenges and barriers will be identified in areas such as cross cultural communication, conflict resolution and more. Appropriate tools will be recommended for best practices and solutions. Participants will work on specific tasks and will report back to the whole group. The outcomes will be effective relationship building and improved communication, which consequently will lead to a higher employee’s retention level. 3 hours

Central Alberta Employer Advice:

“Our national onboarding program applies to everyone and consists of verbal coaching, videos, written materials, hiring kits, and a buddy system.”

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