How to integrate talent

Theme 1:
What the effects of a robust onboarding program will do for engagement and retention

Do you know what it takes to build a robust onboarding program that has retention built into its DNA? In this 45 minute presentation we will look at onboarding must-haves and how they affect employee engagement, productivity and retention. Participants will examine the factors contributing to muscular onboarding with exercises to tone their retention abs! Register today and start your onboarding fitness schedule now.

Theme 2:
Surprising international workforce trends that will make you think twice about how you orient your workforce

You may be surprised to know that most new employees have decided within minutes of their first day at work whether or not they will stay. And did you know that there is a global trend showing employees expect a raise within the first 12 months of their employment? These are only some of the interesting workforce trends that have been emerging through global research. Be at the top of your human resources game with this insightful 45 minute workshop and make sure your onboarding is taking these changes into consideration. Ready to register? Of course you are! Check the website for upcoming presentation dates!

Theme 3:
Tips for effective mentoring programs and how to avoid common traps

We know that mentoring, like training, and belief in the future of the company, are critical to retention for many workplaces today. Even so, a surprising number of mentoring programs fail because they haven’t taken company culture and intercultural onboarding factors into consideration before setting up their programs. Avoid falling into common mentoring traps by recognizing both indicators of success and red flag warnings. Build your mentoring program on a foundation of cross-cultural awareness. In this 45 minute program you will look at findings from successful mentoring programs and take away tips you can use for your workplace. Looking to be among the Central Alberta employers of choice list? Then don’t miss this presentation on the do’s and don’ts of workplace mentoring!

Your place or ours?

These 45 minute sessions are available in three formats:

1) Our place:

CARE 5000 Gaetz Ave: Watch the website for available dates!

2) Your workplace:

For a minimum of 5 participants and we will come to you.

3) Webinar:

Participate from your office laptop, watch the website for our next sessions!

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