How to find talent

Theme 1:
How to recruit for talented employees

Looking to tap into the hidden talent pool for finding the best employee for your workplace? In this 45 minute interactive session we will provide three strategies for immigrant-friendly recruiting and discuss ways to identify talent and skill in employees who do not look, sound or act like you. Curious to add more recruitment strategies to your hiring toolbox? Register today and gear up!

Theme 2:
Interviewing culturally unfamiliar candidates

Have you ever felt uncomfortable interviewing people whose cultural style seems very different from your own? In this 45 minute interactive session we will look at ways to shorten the discomfort gap between interviewer and culturally different job applicants. Participants will benefit from tips for asking the right questions to encourage applicants to speak to what you need to know. Wishing you could find a quick way to polish up your cultural awareness and questioning skills? Look no further! Register today and start polishing!

Theme 3:
Balancing diversity benefits and company ‘fit’

Everyone wants to find a five star team of people who do the job right and don’t need to be “babysat”. The secret sauce lies in really knowing your company culture and being able to explain it, while looking for diverse candidates who compliment each other’s skill sets. Participants will find inroads to identifying and speaking about their company culture and will consider how to spice up their teams with just the right mix of diversity for your organizational context. Want the recipe? Register today and get ready to cook up the perfect team!

Your place or ours?

These 45 minute sessions are available in three formats:

1) Our place:

CARE 5000 Gaetz Ave: Watch the website for available dates!

2) Your workplace:

For a minimum of 5 participants and we will come to you.

3) Webinar:

Participate from your office laptop, watch the website for our next sessions!

Book your Lunch’n Learn

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