Are you ready to bring immigrants into your employee group?

Did you know that half of our country’s workforce is born outside Canada? These international professionals bring a world of international education, skills, contacts and work experience to our local economy – as well as many more ways to lead, communicate, collaborate, innovate and resolve conflict. But how can you prepare to receive and attract immigrant  employees to your business?

Preparation to hire immigrant employees means using a cultural lens to think through the kinds of positions you are hiring for. Being clear about the competencies and skills is a first step. Knowing what level of English proficiency you require for each position is another important part. Then there is the question of working with cultural differences. You likely have questions about how much you would need to accommodate and how you should prepare the existing workforce. These questions are answered in the workshop, not only from the perspective of what people think they “should” do, but from the real experience of Central Alberta employers who have already found solutions.

Find out what Central Alberta employers have said about…

  • Benefits of hiring immigrants
  • Challenges of hiring immigrants
  • Supports employers provide
  • Employer needs for hiring immigrants
  • Overcoming barriers to hiring immigrants

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How to attract a diverse workforce?
Star Central Alberta employers talk about how they diversify their workforce and specifically how they prepare for and attract applications from qualified immigrant candidates.

“We do interview training for everyone who interviews new candidates using our scoring system and learning to ask questions and listen carefully. They have to learn to score and to communicate so that they can comply with our team consensus. This process helps mitigate for bias.”

John Mulgrew, INEOS

Why hire immigrants?
Have you considered looking specifically at immigrants as potential quality hires? This tutorial explains why hiring immigrants could be essential to the success of your business.

The FUD factor (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) and how to overcome it
We may be derailed from hiring unfamiliar candidates because of fear, uncertainty or doubt. In this clip you will see the reasons for the FUD factor in hiring and how to overcome them to find the best candidate for the position in an unbiased manner.