What can you do to make sure your new employees want to stay with you?

There are many reasons why people leave their employment. Employees may have to move with a spouse who has a better position elsewhere, or they have opportunities to study, move up or get closer to their desired careers. Often their reasons for leaving have to do with feeling undervalued by their managers, or because unresolved interpersonal conflicts have become unbearable at work. But what about the reasons people stay? And how can you increase the “stay factor” to the point where we become one of those employers of choice people talk about? A few stay-factors are related to salary which we address at the beginning of the workshop. But many others are attached to believing in the organization and in having a future there. Finally there is the pull of a positive company culture.

Find out what Central Alberta employers have said about…

  • Employee referral
  • Keeping people – specifics about the region
  • Best employer practices for retention
  • Fast-tracking your talent
  • Dealing with problems: a few different approaches
  • Policies: what works and what doesn’t
  • The customer is not always right: no tolerance of employee disrespect or abuse
  • Using translators in disciplinary circumstances

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Retention begins before you hire
If your workplace is welcoming, equitable and values its employees, your retention will already be good. Add to that the tips from Central Alberta employers about employee referral programs, aligning with company values and showing appreciation for a job well done and you have the secret retention sauce!

“We are one of the top 100 employers in Canada and it is because we have great training support, worklife balance,
days off, competitive salary. We look at what other good government sectors are doing, and based on that information standard we provide two separate salary increases: cost of living salary increase and performance salary increase.”

Karla Kochan, Agricultural Financial Services

How do you retain employees?
The five keys to successful retention are highlighted in this clip.
Effective retention has these key characteristics:
1. Employees feel welcome
2. Employers provide new hires with what they need to be successful in the job
3. Trust is continuously built and nurtured
4. Willingness to solve problems is apparent
5. Employees know they have a future with you and that you are interested in their future

Dealing effectively with harassment, discrimination and abuse
There are specific steps employers need to take if an employee or client is harassing, discriminating against or abusing an employee. Setting the tone for a safe workplace climate involves not only showing a welcoming attitude but being willing to address and solve issues that threaten your employee’s sense of safety at work.