Once you’ve hired an immigrant, how can you ensure his or her transition into your organization goes smoothly?

After the euphoria of having found the right person for the job has passed and the basic orientation completed, what factors need to be in place to make sure new hires are properly integrated into the workforce? There are a number of considerations ranging from basic introductions and workplace buddy systems to training and workplace climate. Why does it matter? That has a lot to do with how long you want the new people to stay and how engaged you expect them to be. In the onboarding workshop we cover a variety of ways to approach onboarding and show what various Central Alberta employers do, depending on the size of the company and the employer’s attention to results.

Find out what Central Alberta employers have said about…

  • Best onboarding practices
  • What employees have liked best and was most effective in winning their loyalty
  • Learning from the workforce and incorporating that into continuous improvement
  • Changes for one group end up helping everyone else
  • Long hiring and onboarding = better engagement and retention
  • A few challenges with immigrant employees and how we overcame them

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Promoting diversity and inclusion at work
A workplace can be diverse but not be inclusive. These employer tips explain how to create an inclusive workplace and how to increase the diversity of your workplace using simple strategies that help people feel they belong, can contribute and are valued.

“We truly understand how difficult it is to move to a new country. We go all the way to integrate them into the team and make them feel welcome, we have compassion for people because we know that if you aren’t settled in your personal and home life it is hard to concentrate on your job.”
Barb Sims, Chatters

How to recruit for talented employees
Don’t miss out on new talent pools because you don’t know where to look! This tutorial focuses on a variety of ways Central Alberta employers find and recruit talented employees from a variety of demographics.

Interviewing culturally unfamiliar candidates
Looking for specific candidate attitudes can help overcome discomfort with unfamiliarity when interviewing cultures different from your own. Looking for a variety of perspectives rather than focusing first on “fit” can help interviewers focus on the actual skills of the applicants.