How is hiring and immigration different from what you are already doing? Interview and hiring practices that take diverse cultural perspectives into consideration are actually better for all job candidates no matter where they come from.

When we learn to recognize talent even if it doesn’t “look or sound like me”, we can better place our new hires into appropriate positions and have realistic expectations about their skills. Fortunately most of the ground work has already been done by future oriented Central Alberta businesses.

Explore some best practice ideas and see how they might work in your workplace.

Find out what Central Alberta employers have said about…

  • How we interview for front line people
  • How we interview for managers
  • Interviews in Central Alberta
  • How we choose the right candidate
  • What if we made a mistake?
  • Dealing with unconscious bias

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Tips for effective interviews!
Central Alberta employers share their interview processes and explain how they find talented people from immigrant demographics and other talent pools.

Must-haves for Orientation and Onboarding
The first days and weeks on the job are critical to employee performance, satisfaction and retention. Central Alberta employers talk about their orientation and onboarding processes and why they work.

How to recruit for talented employees
Don’t miss out on new talent pools because you don’t know where to look! This tutorial focuses on a variety of ways Central Alberta employers find and recruit talented employees from a variety of demographics.

Interviewing culturally unfamiliar candidates
Looking for specific candidate attitudes can help overcome discomfort with unfamiliarity when interviewing cultures different from your own. Looking for a variety of perspectives rather than focusing first on “fit” can help interviewers focus on the actual skills of the applicants.