As an employer, have you been looking for ways to increase your access to talented potential employees for your business?

Even in the current economy it’s not always easy to find great employees. Especially as the baby-boomers retire and Canadians are not having enough children to take their place in the work force, we can expect demand for employees to increase.

What if we could help you find employees with talent, a strong work ethic, and willingness to do a variety of jobs and to learn?

Central Alberta employers have reported positive impacts of adding diversity to their employee group.

You can expect:

  • Your business will get better at attracting and keeping clients with a diverse background.
  • You will be seen by them as inclusive and international.
  • You’ll tap into new local markets, while also making global business connections.
  • You’ll have the talent you need to create new ways to solve business problems.

Maybe you’re thinking about the potential challenges of hiring someone with a different cultural perspective than your own. If you are not sure how to address this, we can help! In fact, that’s the entire purpose of this website. Alberta Global Talent is here to provide all the tools and supports you need to be successful!

About Alberta Global Talent

Alberta Global Talent (ABGT) is an employer readiness and engagement program for Central Alberta employers created by C.A.R.E. Red Deer and funded by the Alberta Government. The website, webtools, workshops and other resources we are making available will assist Central Alberta employers to attract, hire, onboard, and retain qualified immigrants.

Through focus groups, phone and video interviews with Central Alberta business owners, content in our workshops and within our resources and tools is specific to Central Alberta Employers  and relevant and timely.  These business owners  were chosen because they are outstanding examples of best practice employers, strong proponents of a diverse and inclusive workplace, and innovative in their approaches to attracting, hiring, onboarding and retaining  immigrant employees.  Along with that, existing Canadian and particularly Albertan resources pertaining to hiring and working with immigrant employees have been incorporated. The Alberta Global Talent project is unique in that it will speak specifically to immigrant employment in smaller urban and rural areas.

Our project team

Stakeholders from business, government and the not-­for-­profit sector in Central Alberta, including Red Deer College, Red Deer Chamber of Commerce and AB Government Job, Skills, Training and Labour, Catholic Social Services and Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association are partnering with us ensure the success of this project.

The development of curricula, content, online tools and web applications has been created by Shift Management Inc., chosen because of their history for practical resource development in the area of immigrant employment. Red Deer’s HeuerDesign is creating visuals, design, final videos and webpages for this project.

Our Community Partners

We are very grateful to the following organizations in Central Alberta who supported Alberta Global Talent over the past year as we worked on our project to create valuable supports and resources for all Central Alberta employers in the attraction, hiring and retention of immigrant employees. They all continue to work with us to ensure the success of both employers and immigrants in the Central Alberta workforce.